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Equipment and accessories for the protection of buildings or various hazards such as attempted burglary, flood, fire, gas leak or the like. All equipment is certified in accordance with the EU acquis and suitable for use in the EU.


  • Control panels

    Central units of alarm systems and smart home systems.

    Central units unify the alarm or smart home system into a single unit and take care of the full functionality and connectivity of your system. When choosing a central unit, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the facility in which it is installed, as well as the needs of the users. Every project task is easily solved with central units from our wide range. We are at your disposal for any additional questions.

  • Control panel...

    Equipment and accessories for central units enable flawless functioning of the system and provide complete stability to the entire system.

    We offer excellent accumulators, GSM, 3G, LTE communicators, wireless extensions, various accessories and similarly. We are at your disposal for all ambiguities and necessary clarifications.

  • Control devices

    Every smart system must have smart and functional control in order to ensured complete user satisfaction. In our daily work, we are dedicated to just that: For all our systems, we offer excellent elements for complete, clear and fast control of all functions in the system. Whether it's keyboards, remote controls, silent alarm buttons or an emergency call we always have a solution.

  • Sirens

    Sirens are an indispensable part of every alarm system. The siren clearly indicates an alarm condition in the protected object by means of a sound signal, and sometimes also a light signal. Sirens can also be used to indicate some automatic actions in the system, for example: when opening an industrial door, it is recommended to warn workers about the action being performed with a sound signal, in order to avoid unwanted events.

  • Detectors

    Detectors are an essential part of any alarm system and a basic factor in the stability of that system. Detection of attempted burglaries, gas leaks, or smoke or fire must be timely  and must be forwarded in time for the system to make sense. By choosing the right detectors, we ensure that the system works adequately for many years. The stability of the entire system of protection against any danger always mostly depends on the detectors.

  • I/O modules

    Input and output modules serve to expand the functionality of the system to unimagined possibilities. Jablotron systems equipped with input and output modules can fully manage the entire facility. By using input/output modules, it is possible to manage heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, garden irrigation or the like.

  • Installation...

    We offer all installation accessories that you may need when installing any of the systems we offer. We offer accessories from renowned manufacturers in accordance with European standards. Whether it's cables, junction boxes or other consumables, you're in the right place. If you are not sure which accessories you should use, we encourage you to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

  • Cameras and...

    The Jablotron system also offers cameras that can be monitored through our free application. This convenient upgrade to the Jablotron system is great for smaller facilities where a few cameras are enough for surveillance. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Other accessories

    We have a large selection of accessories for system installers. The accessories we offer are recommended by the equipment manufacturer and compatible with all the elements in our offer. By using original accessories, every installer simplifies his work and reduces the effort he has to invest in completing a particular project.

  • Car alarms

    We offer car alarms as well as devices for GPS tracking of vehicles or cargo. All the devices we offer in this category are compatible with the Jablotron system. By using devices for securing or tracking vehicles from our offer, you ensure professional monitoring of your vehicle or cargo in accordance with the strictest European standards. The systems we offer and the equipment for insurance and vehicle or cargo tracking will surely satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients.

  • Equipment sets

    Sets of alarm equipment are intended for installation in various types of buildings. Buying systems in sets is somewhat simpler than choosing individual system elements, which is especially convenient for new installers with less experience. Pick up one of our sets and we will help you program it and put it into operation.

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