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Internal sirens are intended for installation inside buildings, in places that are not exposed to atmospheric influences. Internal sirens are used to signal an event in the system, whether it is an alarm condition or a programmed automatic action. Sirens are an indispensable part of any serious system.


  • Sirens for JA-100+

    Internal sirens in the Jablotron 100+ (JA-100+) system are used to indicate all conditions that may arise in the system. They are installed very simply, programmed even more simply, and can be wired or wireless. The sirens in this system are made of high-quality materials and designed in accordance with the latest trends. Sirens from the Jablotron 100+(JA-100+) system are not compatible with sirens from the Jablotron 10 (JA-10) system. And vice versa

  • Sirens for JA-10

    Internal sirens in the Jablotron 10 (JA-10) system are used as alarm sirens but also as elements for marking various events in the system. They can be programmed in various ways and indicate various events that may occur in the system. The sirens from this series are not compatible with the sirens from the Jablotron 100+ (JA-100+) system. And vice versa.

  • Sirens for Eldes

    Sirens from this system are characterized by extremely long battery life and a very wide range of wireless communication. We recommend installing this siren with every ELDES system.

    Modern design and top quality workmanship are what set this equipment apart from the competition. We are at your disposal for all your questions.

  • General purpose...

    General purpose sirens can be used to indicate a wide variety of events in any system. From sounding an alarm, highlighting some automatic action, to notification about the end of working hours. Sirens from this program can be installed in other systems using various interconnection modules.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

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